- "This is a versatile book that could be used to introduce children to a variety of topics, from geography to time. In addition to teaching concepts, it reinforces a crucial message of unity by featuring children of all ages and races from around the globe. Illustrating 24 different time zones is no small feat, yet Beckman rises to the challenge. VERDICT A high-quality book for our times, in both its educational and inclusive message."  Katherine Hickey, Metropolitan Library System, Oklahoma City     (For full review, click here >>>  tree of savior dungeon matchmaking


AROUND THE WORLD RIGHT NOW by bestselling author Gina Cascone, and her daughter, Bryony Williams Sheppard, is a multicultural travelogue through each of the 24 time zones. Young readers are invited to travel the world and experience many people, places, and things that exist on our planet . . . right now. In every minute of every hour of every day, something wonderful is happening around our world.

In Santa Fe, New Mexico, an artist sits behind his easel working on a painting. While at the same time in Greenland, an Inuit boy begins training his first pack of sled dogs. While in Madagascar, a playful lemur is trying to steal treats from a family's picnic, just as a baby humpback whale is born deep in the Pacific Ocean.

ALL AROUND THE WORLD is a perfect read-aloud. It introduces geography and time zones while celebrating the richness and diversity of life on our planet.

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A book comes to life by Gina and Bree

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