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Time to play!

For as long as I can remember, my mother and I have been battling each other in energetic games of Scrabble. I realize this doesn’t sound like it would be an energetic game but, trust me, we become very animated as we compete. My favorite part is that, despite the fact that my mother undoubtedly…

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The power of the written word to bring happiness

Our local newspaper ran this story on the front page this morning that melted our hearts for many reasons.  The students of Bear Tavern Elementary in Hopewell, NJ were visited months back by a gentleman who spoke of his struggle as an African American man in this country. He talked to the students about marching with…

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What does thank you mean?

We are always teaching our children to say “Thank you.” We give them a snack and ask, “Now what do you say?” When they are playing with other children on the playground, and a friend shares a toy, we might prompt them, “Make sure you say thank you.” We are constantly reminding them to use…

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Experience the Magic

This week we celebrate International Children’s Book Day. The International Board on Books for Young People chose April 2nd to celebrate authors who helped inspire our youngest learners to read.  This date was chosen because it was Hans Christian Anderson’s birthday. I personally would have chosen March 2nd for Dr. Seuss because he was the author that…

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