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About Programs for Students

Authors Gina Cascone and Bryony "Bree" Williams Sheppard offer educational programs with content appropriate to a variety of age ranges and reading levels. All of their programs explore the authors' creative writing including the research and writing process (drafts, editing, rewrites), and how illustration can bring the written word to life. Sessions can include working with groups of students to create their own AROUND THE WORLD book. Using this theme, cultural diversity and STEAM content can also be explored, connecting to standards in history, geography, and language arts.  Best of all, students will learn that writing can be fun!

For Elementary Schools – PreK- 5  Programs can be tailored to curriculum and include geography, multiculturalism, telling time, science and math. Gina and Bree offer half-day or full-day programs.  Sessions are adjusted to meet the needs of the students in each grade level or combined grade levels and range from 30 minutes (for PreK) up to 60 minutes for older elementary students.

For Middle Grades and High Schools: Gina and Bree provide higher level content on the process of book writing and the publishing business. Presentation session length is typically 60 minutes but this time frame can be modified from 50-90 minutes per session so that presentations can be scheduled to fit class schedules. Sessions may be held during English, reading, writing or library class periods or in whole grade level assemblies.

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