Embrace the shop of your dreams…

Bookstores, large and small, are a place of wonder.  They offer stories that can take anyone of any age to anywhere in the universe at any time in history, past, present, or into the future. One can learn about oneself, or about all of humankind. You can learn how to cook, plant a garden, or speak a new language. No need to tout statistics about the value of reading. It is just common sense. Give yourself the gift of knowledge, or perhaps just some quality time to exercise your mind. Reading makes dreams come true.  Bookstores are shops of dreams. They will expand your opportunities and enrich your life.

No doubt about it. Online shopping is easy. But there is no denying two things. First, there is nothing so empowering as immersing yourself in a world of the written word. Secondly, the mere presence of a bookstore in your community is socially beneficial.

Join Gina and Bree in their “Around the Bookstores Tour”, celebrating bricks & mortar booksellers and their contribution to the enrichment of their communities. They will be going on a joyous busman’s holiday visiting no fewer than 75 bookstores over the next few months to sign stock, and to thank the booksellers for all that they do.  Booksellers are passionate and dedicated professionals who work for low wages to help customers find books that will educate and entertain. Bookstores are havens of imagination where young readers thrive and grow, and horizons of the mind are limitless. Your bookstore may be an independently owned business, or a national chain – support your local bookseller.  Both you and your community will flourish!

You can see where they will be visiting by clicking here, and sign up to receive dispatches on their travelblog by clicking here.

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