Kids Books

Celebrate Reading…Around the World

Today is Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday, and as designated by the International Board of Books for Young Readers, “International Children’s Book Day”.  Remember what it felt like to sit on someone’s lap and read a book together. Celebrate by passing that feeling onto the next generation. We invite you to travel the world with a…

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Read & Feed Benefit Fundraiser

The mission of Read and Feed is to give low-income elementary school children an appetite for reading by strengthening literacy skills and providing encouragement in a nurturing, neighborhood environment. Using mobile classrooms, we provide meals to eliminate hunger, mentors to help children read, and books to build home libraries. Roger S. WilliamsWhen we were still in…

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All on the same page

Last week we were lucky enough to have been invited by our publisher, Sleeping Bear Press, to participate in one the publishing industry’s biggest celebrations of the year; Book Expo America.  The Javits Center in New York was teaming with extraordinarily talented people all there for a single purpose – the exchange of ideas. To that…

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I Am So Full of Happy Today

From 1945 to 1969 Art Linkletter had a segment on radio, then on his television show, called “Kids Say The Darndest Things” by asking simple questions and allowing children to answer, unprompted and uncensored, he gave the world a glimpse at the inner workings of a child’s mind. The answers he got may have made the parents…

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Around the World…magically.

“One story.  Then it’s bedtime.” That was the deal I tried to negotiate every evening when Bree was a little girl. She would smile enigmatically and disappear for an inordinate amount of time which I let pass only because it was filled with much needed peace and quiet. Eventually she would return, her arms piled…

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Experience the Magic

This week we celebrate International Children’s Book Day. The International Board on Books for Young People chose April 2nd to celebrate authors who helped inspire our youngest learners to read.  This date was chosen because it was Hans Christian Anderson’s birthday. I personally would have chosen March 2nd for Dr. Seuss because he was the author that…

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