Back to School, “Meet the Authors” Barnes & Noble Somerville NJ


Meet Gina and Bree at Barnes & Noble Somerville NJ

From 5:00 pm until 6:30 pm

At Barnes & Noble #2140 Somerville

309 Rt. 202 Somerset S/C, Somerville NJ 08809

Miriam Kramer / 908-526-7425

When we were still in college together back in the 1970’s, Gina began to write, I began working in bookstores as a bookseller. Over the years, as we raised our kids, I became a publisher sales representative, then sales director, bookstore co-owner (with Gina), then VP of sales for a major publisher. Kids all grown, I left the corporate world, and became a literary agent. Gina has published over thirty books, I’ve lost count on the number of books I have sold and represented. Of all the works we have been associated, nothing makes us more proud than the collaboration with our daughter, Bree.

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