“Around the Bookstores Tour” Ninth Street Bookshop Wilmington DE


Come meet Gina and Bree when they drop by to sign stock

From 11:00 am until 11:20 am

At Ninth Street Books

730 N Market St Wilmington DE 19801

Gemma & Jack Buckley / (302) 652-3315

5 Reasons to Shop with Ninth Street Bookshop, Wilmington DE:

  1. More of the money you spend here stays here.  For every $100 that you spend in our store, $68 goes back into the local economy.
  2. Since 1977, we've been a "downtown institution," serving other cultural venues, schools, religious organizations, businesses, and governmental agencies.
  3. Here you have an almost total experience of the senses.  You can see, feel, and smell books.  You can hear recommendations from our knowledgeable staff and other customers.  But you won't taste anything because we're a "real" bookstore.  We don't sell coffee.
  4. Our store is a unique shop.  It doesn't look like any other.  Its inventory, which includes an extensive regional history section, is tailored to suit our customers' interests.  And because we don't have to go through corporate channels to order, we can quickly obtain many other books, often within a few days.
  5. Most importantly of all, we provide personalized service.  We truly value our customers, many of whom we know by name, and we strive to make shopping with us convenient and enjoyable.  

So come and support Wilmington's locally owned, independent booksellers and let us get to know you! 

When we were still in college together back in the 1970’s, Gina began to write, I began working in bookstores as a bookseller. Over the years, as we raised our kids, I became a publisher sales representative, then sales director, bookstore co-owner (with Gina), then VP of sales for a major publisher. Kids all grown, I left the corporate world, and became a literary agent. Gina has published over thirty books, I’ve lost count on the number of books I have sold and represented. Of all the works we have been associated, nothing makes us more proud than the collaboration with our daughter, Bree.

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