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News Flash…There are twenty-four hours in a day and in every minute of every hour of every day, somewhere in the world something wonderful is happening. In our book, AROUND THE WORLD RIGHT NOW these are the things on which we want to focus. We will share what is good in our world, and we want to hear about what is good in your world. Because what we all need now, more than ever, is a reason to smile.

Recently we’ve been engaged in a little experiment. When we are out and about we make a concerted effort as we pass people, to make eye contact, smile and wait to see what happens. For the most part, we found that our smiles are returned. That simple exchange is guaranteed to brighten our mood, even if just for a few moments. Sometimes we find that the smile also elicits a pleasant “hello.” Around the world right now, Hola, Ciao, Salut, Konnichiwa, Ni hao are some of the many different ways greetings are offered. In Hindu it’s Namaste. Loosely translated this greeting means, “the light in me recognizes and bows to the light in you.” It is said with a real bow, a gesture that is offered in many parts of the world. What a wonderful way to brighten someone’s day.

As we set out on our journey to discover and share the simple pleasures that fill our days and the ways in which those things are appreciated all around the world, we hope you’ll join in the dialogue. We are smiling as we say, “Welcome to our world!”

Thank you for subscribing to our blog. We hope we’ll be sharing lots of smiles with each other.

Gina and Bree

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