“Around the Bookstores Tour” Ivy Bookshop Baltimore MD

Ivy Educators Service (IES) is The Ivy Bookshop’s Educator Book Service, a program for teachers, school administrators and school librarians. The Ivy Bookshop’s dedicated support team works personally with partnering schools to select and order books at attractive discounts, and to ensure prompt and accurate fulfillment of all orders. We provide a single source for…

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“Around the Bookstores Tour” Ninth Street Bookshop Wilmington DE

5 Reasons to Shop with Ninth Street Bookshop, Wilmington DE: More of the money you spend here stays here.  For every $100 that you spend in our store, $68 goes back into the local economy. Since 1977, we’ve been a “downtown institution,” serving other cultural venues, schools, religious organizations, businesses, and governmental agencies. Here you have…

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